About Us

IMG_1528JVF Mastering, own and operated by Javier V. Francisco with 10 years in the music Industry as a Mastering Engineer and 15 years as a Recording & Mixing Engineer in NYC, Miami, Buenos Aires.

Analog & Digital Routing capabilities with the latest Plugins, software, connectivity, hardware and acoustic treatment.

Why I'm doing this art called mastering, It's not for the money or be famous, it's because I love music and I can help musicians translate, there expressions, with the right tone, character & level.

Hundreds of places doing mastering today, so why choose us?

 I work in a room with the right acoustic treatment with the right speakers to balance the room dimensions with mono block amplifiers and precise mastering tools, since we specialize in mastering, our analog & digital routing chain was designed and calibrated for mastering purpose, delivering the final product with an outstanding results in different formats DDP, Red Book, Mastered for Itunes, 24bit mastering, Flac, Hi Res, etc.



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